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   Medley's Soft eye creels

The soft eye creels all have 5mm netting, white nylon eyes, 3mm bait bags, split film binding rope and rubber protection

TRAD01 - 22" x 16" x 13" - 10mm steel

TRAD02 - 22" x 16" x 13" - 8mm

TRAD09 - 24" x 16" x 13" - 10mm single soft eye parlour

TRAD10 - 24" x 16" x 13" - 10mm steel

TRAD20 - 25" x 18" x 14" - 10mm steel

TRAD30 - 27" x 18" x 14" - 10mm steel

Medley side entry double soft eyes.

The perfect cut and rig of a "soft eye net" tight on the bottom,

taper cut with enough overhang to open and close,

but without dropping back through the eye.

Medley 22" Prawn Creels, 30" prawn parlours

Traditional 22" prawn creels rigged in green netting, white eyes with either 65mm or 80mm rings, bait string and door hook included.
Also available is the 30" prawn parlour pot, with 5mm net protection on the bottom.

Product code

PP001 - SEPC 22" 8mm steel - 65mm entrance

PP002 - SEPC 22" 8mm steel - 85mm entrance

PP004 - SEPC 30" 8mm steel - 85mm ring, parlour + heavy netted base

PP006 - SEPC 30" 10mm steel - 85mm ring, parlour, black 4mm net, heavy net base

Prawn Creels with Parlour and two entrances.Lightweight Prawn Creels in two sizes