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Lobster Pots, Crab Pots & Creels for sale, custom made to order, or standard range from stock.

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Cornwall Creels, are an established family-run company based on the rugged Cornish North coast, we believe that in a demanding industry, fishermen require equipment that is

" reliable, affordable and catches well."

The company’s founder Chris Martin, an experienced Newquay crab and lobster fisherman, has designed what Cornwall Creels calls “the toughest and most productive pots and creels made to a specification only years at sea can provide”. To survive on the harshest fishing grounds, Cornwall Creels has developed pots with 10mm steel, plastic coated frames completed with 5mm outside netting, high quality rope and rubber finishing.

Specialising in parlour pots, Cornwall Creels offers both top-entrance and side-entrance pots with a choice of soft or hard eyes fitted. The large double eye parlours in sizes from 32" to 42" with both steel bases or our new plastic "tray" bases. The top entrance pots can be made in sizes from 27" Extra wide(20") to 30" and 34" plastic tray base.

There is a growing trend towards larger sizes, in particular 34", 36" and now available 40"+ parlours, for boats that can handle them, and in trials they seem to hold more fish when fishing is heavy.


We can make pots to meet our customer’s requirements, and are also delighted to be able to offer part rigged pots and frames if you prefer to finish them yourself. We are now supplying rope and all your potting extras so keep an eye on our website.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with Cornwall Creels send us an email, or use our Contact us form on the site.

For a Video of our pots in action, and more about us, have a look at our Video Profile page or just Click Here


We believe we can now offer a full range of pots to suit all areas of the UK and Europe. If the pots you want are slightly different from the Medley Pot range we can offer a custom built pot exactly to your specification.


If you have any specifications you don't see featured in what we offer please contact us and we will be happy to discuss

Scottish and Irish orders now being taken for Medley pots



Guernsey Point of contact now set up, please contact Keith Jehan for details and samples. See news page for details..

Medley Pots direct from the Factory.

We are proud to announce that we are now representatives for Medley pots covering West Wales, South and West England, Channel Islands and Europe.

This will allow us to offer all of the existing Medley complete pot range direct from their factory. All frames for our custom pot range are also now made by Medley giving us excellent quality and finish to our custom made pots.

Please see the pages on our site for details on Medley's "Traditional" pot range and our own Cornwall Creels custom made pots.

Delivery to Channel Islands direct from Medley pots.. France and mainland Europe arranged at cost, contact us for details...