Ordering and delivery information.

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We now take all enquiries and orders you have for Medley pots, this helps our customer's get exactly what they want when they want... For customers who have bought from Medley in the past rest assured nothing has changed. The only difference now is a new person to talk to and place your order with.

All invoicing and delivery is still directly from Medley Pots as it has been for the last 30+ years..

We have samples pots you can see and we can arrange for samples to be sent or shown to you. Once you decide on the pots you want we will take your details and inform of what is in stock. This can help as we can get stock items out for delivery in under 2 weeks..

Payment for your pots will be due before the pots leave the Medleys yard. Payment can be taken by card over the phone/ bank transfer or cheque if you prefer.